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Container Storage Unit Sizes

Secure and Reliable Self storage in Sheffield

Our commitment to providing you with the best storage experience is reflected in the cleanliness, dryness, and air-tight features of our self storage units in sheffield. The flooring, made of marine-grade bamboo ply sheet, ensures a durable and stable environment for your stored belongings.

Self Storage Unit Sizes

We offer new one way shipped shipping containers for self storage, all containers are air tight, dry and water tight, fitted with double doors for easy loading and unloading with multi locking points on both doors, for enhanced security containers come fitted with lock boxes.

Self Storage in sheffield

10ft Container

self storage sheffield containers

20ft Containers

documents self Storage Sheffield

40ft Containers

Why Choose Us?


Security is Our Priority 24/7 surveillance

24/7 Open

Open 7 days a week – 24 hours a day

Water Proof

Your Unit is Protected form Water

Short & Long Term Accepted

We accept short & Long Term Plans

Marine Grade Ply Sheet

Wind Proof

Your Unit is Protected form Wind.

Bamboo Flooring

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